DE LA HAYE DESIGN was founded by Frans de la Haye in 1982. Over the years it covered the 360 degrees of Industrial Design. From architecture to consumer goods, from bicycles to gasoline stations. Its award-winning work includes blood transfusion equipment, office furniture, ergonomic task-chairs, wind-turbines, lighting systems, modular theatre seating, building technology, bedding systems and electronics interface design, just to name a few.

At the invitation the Design Academy in Eindhoven in The Netherlands he restructured, renamed and directed as Department Head two departments, “Mobility” and “Essentials”, and joined the advisory board. Also, he was one of the “founding fathers” of the Technical University in Eindhoven by contributing to the Curriculum Vitae of the Product Design faculty.

In his own design practice, relatively few projects were carried out under assignment. The most successful projects started on his own initiative, as an endeavor into the unknown. Each time eager to explore another product- or service segment than before. Concepts were developed, designed, prototyped and engineered into feasible products and services, and then joined by an investor, an industrial or commercial party, often resulting in long lasting relationships and rather recently resulting in the establishment of new companies with innovative products.

Designing for durability has always been key, and that within the paradigm of a symmetry between technical- and aesthetic lifespan. When successful, not only is that beneficial for the environment due to the efficient use of resources and a low carbon footprint, it provides for Products That Last. Not only beneficial for the user, but also for facilitating stable production-, sales- and service organizations as well.